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September 2019: Mid-term meeting of TRAIN4HCWORK

On 25 September 2019, the T4W team met in Darmstad for the review and planning of up coming project work. New developments will come soon, as we progress towards the development of course contents.

May 2019: First results of the Train4HCWork project

After the first six months of work, consortium has already developed the course structure, the online learning methodology and even a proposal of contents organized in different modules and sessions. These outcomes have been obtained with the participation of people from the target groups to ensure the course will respond to their formative needs.

In order to know the training requirements of professionals around Europe, IBV, IAD and UAG firstly organized five focus groups (with a total of 34 participants) and lastly, together with FEES and Structo, realized an open-source online survey in five different languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Serbian). More than one hundred answers from different countries were achieved.

Finally, FEES carried out the analysis of information obtained on the online survey (including SWOT analysis, priorization of requirements, differences among potential end-users), to obtain the final training requirements for the online course to be developed in the project. With that information, IBV, IAD and UGA established the recognition framework and defined the Curriculum of the course.

January 2019: Online TRAIN4WORK questionnaire

The project TRAIN4WORK launched an online questionnaire on 13 February 2019 to identify training requirements, define learning objectives and course structure of a new learning material.

The questionnaire aims to gather data to support the development of the online training course which targets all those who are involved in the design (or re-development) of work systems but are not ergonomics and human factors specialists.

The questionnaire can be accessed in four different languages

The questionnaire will be open until April 30 2019.

The TRAIN4WORK is an initiative of the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies under the umbrella of Erasmus+, to create a freely accessible online ergonomics training material.